Information Technology Licensing Disputes & Agreements

Are you a software company, developer, an internet service provider, mobile phone solutions company, media company, an advertising agency or a start up? Then you should be concerned about information technology licensing.

What is an Information Technology License?

An IT license is a method of commercialisation of intellectual property that allows for the transfer of information technology i.e. software licenses, from one business entity to another, without the transfer of ownership.

Types of Information Technology Licenses

There are different types of information technology or technology licenses:

  • Commercial evaluation licenses (options) which allow companies to evaluate whether a new technology will suit their needs
  • Patent commercialisation licenses, which provide access to rights in patent-­ pending technology. These licenses can be either exclusive or non-exclusive.
  • Non-­exclusive patent licenses for internal use which provide access to tools or processes useful for research purposes
  • Biological material licenses, which provide access to non-patented biological materials
  • Software licenses, which provide access to non-patented software.

Legal advice is essential when choosing the most suitable information technology license for your business as there are complex legal and business issues surrounding Licensing Agreements, across the range of information technology licenses available.

A skilled licensing lawyer will advise on and prepare a range of agreements for the commercialisation of information technology including its sale, distribution, and use through licensing.

Legal advice is also recommended for a range of other agreements to protect proprietary information technology and applications including

  • Master Services Agreement
  • Information Technology Development and Service Contracts
  • System Implementation and Integrations
  • Privacy
  • Dispute Resolution

Internet Law can help you

  • find the right lawyer to help you determine the correct license or licenses for the commercialisation of your information technology business
  • help you protect your technology intellectual property, and
  • manage any disputes arising from infringements or breaches of licensing agreements

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