Does my website need terms and conditions?

Creating a website is an exciting way to expand your marketing reach, generate new business sales, or just pursue new opportunities – whether for private or commercial use. Terms and conditions are an important aspect of every website. With an online presence you are also exposing yourself to risk from users of your website; users who might be concerned about how you are using and protecting their private data, how you are dealing with conflicts and issues arising from the use of your website, or who might just want to know any risk associated with using your website not to mention the numerous legal issues that stem from accepting payments of real currency through your website.

Terms and Conditions (now commonly referred to as “Ts and Cs”) may be used to:

  • help you in complying with your legal disclosure obligations;
  • ensure that your website’s content is licensed to users on an appropriate basis;
  • impose acceptable use obligations;
  • limit (or attempt to limit) your liability in relation to your website;
  • set out the legal basis upon which products and services are supplied to customers; and
  • structure the legal relationships between you as the website operator and the website users.

As you can see, the Terms and Conditions page is important in setting out the rules for using your website and can be used to protect your rights and interests.

If you are planning to incorporate a payment gateway in your website, chances are your financial institution is going to require a copy of your Terms and Conditions prior to granting you access to their system – in these cases Ts and Cs are compulsory.

Why use Internet Law?

Well-drafted Terms and Conditions provide the best possible protection against potential claims that may arise from users of your website. Thus, your website’s Terms and Conditions should be drafted by a lawyer with particular care to reflecting the individual business or purpose of your website. We can refer you to a legal expert who can create Terms and Conditions for your website customised to the specific needs of your business.

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